GW SMHS Institutional Effectiveness & Evaluation Committee

GW SMHS Institutional Effectiveness Committee

GW SMHS engages in strategic planning and continuous quality improvement (CQI) processes to set goals for the institution, monitor achievement of those goals, identify opportunities for improvement and oversee efforts that improve educational program quality.

The GW SMHS Dean established a standing leadership committee known as the Institutional Effectiveness and Evaluation Committee (IEEC) to advise SMHS leadership on short-and long-term strategic planning and the measurement and achievement of academic program excellence as defined by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education accreditation standards using internal metrics and external benchmarks. Matters outside the scope of strategic planning and LCME CQI are not part of this committee.

The IEEC is charged with regular evaluation of the SMHS strategic plan, providing recommendations on strategies to achieve the goals of the SMHS strategic plan and LCME related CQI assessments.  The committee will ensure the reviews and dashboards for both CQI and the strategic plan are updated, complete with action plans, timelines, and outcomes. The IEEC will assess LCME accrediting standards and communicate the results so that the faculty and student body have an appreciation of improvements made each year and where more effort remains to set annual priorities. Metrics used for assessment include, but are not limited to, the school’s compliance with the LCME standards and institutional metrics, especially those found in the Data Collection Instrument, and can be benchmarked against national standards.

IEEC Meetings

The IEEC meets at least quarterly to (1) review the LCME/CQI dashboard and its outcomes, (2) make recommendations for improvement through process changes, allocation of resources and/or systems changes and (3) to review the metrics/dashboard and accomplishments of the SMHS strategic plan and to make recommendations for improvements and short-and long-term strategic planning to meet the goals of the SMHS strategic plan.

Further, the IEEC reviews the strategic plan dashboard and recommends resources and or new tactics to achieve the goals of the school. Additional faculty and or administrative personnel (i.e. ad hoc working group(s)) may present updates to the IEEC as needed.  The IEEC coordinates with other faculty committees (i.e. curriculum, clinical learning environment, admissions, etc.), to obtain updates, refer issues back to a committee and/or receive updates and data on issues sent to the committees for action plans).

IEEC Membership

Robert Miller, PhD
Vice Dean for Research and Academic Affairs
Richard Simons, MD, MACP 
Senior Associate Dean of MD Programs
Terry Kind, MD, MPH
Associate Dean of Clinical Education
Robert Jablonover, MD
Associate Dean of Pre-Clinical Education
LaQuandra S. Nesbitt, MD, MPH
Senior Associate Dean for Population Health Sciences and Health Equity
Lawrence Deyton, MSPH, MD
Murdock Head Professor of Medicine and Health Policy
Yolanda Haywood, MD
Senior Associate Dean of Diversity of Inclusion and Faculty Affairs
Harold Frazier II, MD, FACS
Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education
Nancy Rambo, MBA
Assistant Dean for Finance and Principal Business Officer
Lourdes Winberry, MPH
Associate Dean of Accreditation and Compliance
Ray Lucas, MD
Interim Senior Associate Dean for the GW Regional Medical Campus
Michael Czarnecki, DO
Chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum
Sally Moody, Ph.D, FAAA
Chair of the Department of Anatomy & Regenerative Biology
Rong Li, PhD
Chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
William B. Borden, MD
Interim Chair of the Department of Medicine
Jeffrey S. Akman, MD
Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Jennifer Keller, MD
Director of the Office of Professional and Respectful Learning