Clinical Care

What Distinguishes Our Academic Medical Enterprise:

Distinction in Healthcare Delivery: GW clinicians aspire to provide the highest quality of care to our patients. We embrace novel approaches to providing value-driven health care to serve the needs of all patients to achieve health care that is accessible and equitable in outcomes.

two doctors looking at a laptop screen with hands holding the medical symbol


Goal 8: Highest Quality, Patient-Centered Accessible Care

Provide highest quality clinical care that is optimally accessible to our community.

Our academic medical enterprise will be a premier health provider serving all members of our community, with implementation of patient-centered complex primary care at multiple service locations and quality care in selected disciplines on our Foggy Bottom campus. Through establishment of new service locations staffed by the best clinicians we will serve our local community, improve public health, health equity and build trust within the community.

Action 8.1

Enhance access to care for residents of DC through expanded clinical care locations across the DMV with a focus on the residents of DC in Wards 7 and 8.


Staff urgent care locations in District of Columbia Wards 7 and 8. New primary care neighborhood sites in Alexandria, Silver Spring and Bethesda. Convert existing Immediate and Primary Care locations to primary care. Incorporate behavioral health and care navigation into primary care practices.

Timeline: 2023-26
Status: In Progress.
Action 8.2

Develop high-quality clinical care programs for the new Cedar Hill Regional Medical Center aligned with community health needs and in collaboration with existing community organizations.

  1. Design clinical programs and service lines to be based at CHRMC informed by data on common health needs in the surrounding community and zip codes of current MFA patients by March 2024.

  2. Develop provider complement and identify faculty recruitment need to support clinical programs and service lines at CHRMC by March 2024. 

  3. Recruit core clinical faculty needed to launch clinical programs and service lines at CHRMC by December 2024.

  4. Launch clinical care services at new Cedar Hill Regional Medical Center by early 2025.

  5. Establish Department of Family Medicine by 2025 with an appointed department chair and at least 10 faculty members. 
Timeline: 2024-26
  1. Completed—Analysis of administrative and clinical data of MFA patients used to inform clinical services (inpatient and outpatient).

  2. Completed: Provider complement completed for physicians and advanced practice providers.

  3. In Progress: Recruitment underway for physicians and APPs.

  4. Not Started.

  5. In progress: Planning underway in alignment with GW university and GW SMHS policies and procedures.
Action 8.3

Enhance access to care through innovative health systems transformation initiatives.


Launch telehealth initiative to provide access to GW medical care for residents in Wards 7 and 8 at home or in community hubs. Launch behavioral health initiative with expanded insurance program participation and recruitment of advance practice providers, licensed professional counselors, social workers, and therapists.

Timeline: 2023-26
Status: In Progress.
Action 8.4

Achieve established benchmarks for quality care in primary care and outpatient specialty care services in alignment with our value-based care strategy. 

Metric(s): Utilize existing metrics in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and evolve to payer agnostic system-wide metrics. Achieve the established benchmarks for each key quality indicator.
Timeline: 2023-26
Status: In Progress.
Action 8.5

Develop Centers of Excellence that represent state of the art integrated health delivery.

Metric(s): Establish and operationalize 3 Centers of Excellence in Cancer, Neurological Sciences and Cardiology.
Timeline: Cancer 2022, Neurological Sciences 2023, Cardiology 2024.
Status: In Progress.


Goal 9: Operational Excellence

Provide fiscally responsible clinical practice that meets or exceeds quality of care targets.

Implement and maintain appropriate contractual relationships with our partner institutions and health care providers to meet current and future needs of world class health care delivery. Deliver and communicate financial performance metrics across the enterprise.

Action 9.1
  1. Align contractual relationships with GW Hospital partner. 

  2. Implement a transparent, modern clinical faculty mission-based compensation plan with clear alignment across SMHS and the MFA.

  3. Develop new operational agreement with primary affiliate to establish mission support. 

  4. Optimal financial performance of our faculty practice plan.
  1. New affiliation agreement with GW Hospital partner completed. 

  2. Target clinical faculty compensation at the 50% mean based on MGMA AAMC national benchmarks allocated for effort in clinical care, research and education. 

  3. Allocation of mission support to our clinical and academic programs.

  4. MFA monthly revenue meets target and exceeds expenses on YTD variance report.
Timeline: 2023-26
  1. Completed - 2022.

  2. Completed – 2023.

  3. In Progress.

  4. In Progress.
Action 9.2

Build market share through unified and strategic branding strategy to distinguish our entire academic medical enterprise and position it for further growth. 


Brand activation and marketing campaign. Measure market share, brand reputation.

Timeline: 2024-26
Status: In Progress.
Action 9.3

Enhance philanthropic giving to support the academic medical enterprise.

  1. FY22 goal attainment %.

  2. FY23 goal attainment %.

  3. FY24 attainment goal = $20M.
Timeline: 2023-26
  1. FY 22 attainment goal 106% achieved.

  2. FY 23 attainment goal 70% achieved.

  3. FY 24 attainment goal - In Progress.
Action 9.4

Complete organizational programmatic restructuring in support of a high-performance clinical care delivery enterprise.


Utilize existing metrics in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and evolve to payer agnostic system-wide metrics. Achieve the established benchmarks for each key quality indicator.

Timeline: 2023-26
Status: In Progress.